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    The Indiana Citizens’ Alliance for Transit educates on the benefits of transit and advocates for the immediate development and ongoing support of comprehensive transit options in communities across Indiana.
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    Thank you for your interest in building grassroots support for more and better transit in Indiana. ICAT members are passionately committed to transit as part of a balanced transportation system that will improve quality of life for all Hoosiers.

    Fulfilling this vision is going to require hard work and cooperation, as transit is an issue that affects us all. Regardless of your economic situation, urban or rural setting, or concern for “going green” vs. “making green,” there are many reasons to care about improved transit and to support ICAT’s work.

    Much of our daily work involves convening diverse partners, educating on best-practices, facilitating dialogue, providing technical assistance and advocating for policy change.


    • Our alliance represents a wide spectrum of business and community interests, but we all agree that transit options are vital to the future of Indiana communities.
    • As business and community leaders, we understand the need to invest tax dollars wisely, and we firmly believe that improving our mass transit infrastructure would be a smart and much needed investment in the prosperity of our communities.
    • The development of mass transit options positively impacts energy consumption, the environment and public health (through decreased traffic crashes and vehicle pollution as well as increased physical activity).
    • Mass transit makes economic sense. It is a wise investment in our prosperity – creating jobs and spurring growth and opportunity.
    • Every day, mass transit gives members of our communities an affordable, convenient and safe transportation choice.
    • Mass transit gives many individuals who would otherwise be unable to travel around our city the access they need to be independent and self-sufficient.
    • Mass transit will provide Hoosiers with renewed freedom and mobility.