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    The Indiana Citizens’ Alliance for Transit educates on the benefits of transit and advocates for the immediate development and ongoing support of comprehensive transit options in communities across Indiana.
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    Take Action

    Why Take Action?

    Again and again, transit advocates are told by legislators that transit is not an important issue to them because they don’t ever hear about it from their constituents!

    Even though there are numerous organizations across the state advocating for transit development, legislators need to hear from voters, taxpayers & transit riders – not just interest groups.

    1. Click here to find names, phone numbers and emails for your state legislators
    2. Download and use these talking points about the Benefits of Transit.
    3. Contact your elected officials and tell them we need improved transit in Indiana!

    Taking just a few minutes to contact your elected officials can make a tremendous impact on our issue!

    Sample Letter & Talking Points:

    ICAT Benefits of Transit

    ICAT Definitions and Talking Points

    Sample Letter (2015)


    How you can support ICAT

    • Become a member and sign up for our monthly email updates
    • Attend or dial-in to our first-Friday meetings
    • Encourage your local transit agency and other community partners to participate
    • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
    • Contact you federal, state, and local elected officials in support of transit planning and policies
    • Conduct media advocacy – write an op-ed or submit a story
    • Ride transit whenever possible and encourage others to do so!

    Don’t hesitate to contact us at info [at] indianacat [dot] org if you know of another way you can help support our collective efforts.

    Read below for more information on specific policies or contact our ICAT Coordinator, Addison at apollock [at] acsm [dot] org for more details.


    Policy Initiatives

    State Funding

    Throughout the 2015 General Assembly session, the Indiana Citizens’ Alliance for Transit coordinated business leaders, community partners, and taxpayers from across the state to ask elected officials to increase state funding for transit to $60 million in the biennial budget as part of its INvest INtransit campaign.

    Please visit our INvest INtransit page to learn more on how the General Assembly supports local public transit and this ongoing effort to further state investment.

    Local Funding for Central Indiana

    Senate Enrolled Act 176, Central Indiana Transit, cleared its way through the 2014 Indiana General Assembly, and secured the Governor’s signature! Congratulations transit advocates, you took the necessary actions and your voices were heard. The bill is now law but that’s just the beginning—there’s still more work to be done.

    It is now up to your local council to call the question and put Central Indiana transit on the ballot.

    Stay informed while the next steps unfold at the local level. Sign up to receive email updates and track legislative progress for local funding via Facebook or Twitter (#INTransit).

    Sign the petition and ask your company and other groups to which you belong (service clubs, neighborhood associations and religious organizations) to adopt a resolution showing support.  Help us show state legislators that Hoosiers support robust transit systems across Indiana!


    The Broader Message

    We will keep you informed of specific ways you can support these efforts, but we also encourage you to continue communicating the simple 3-point ICAT message at every possible opportunity:

    1. We need more transit
    2. We need more funding for transit
    3. We need more local and state funding options for transit

    Interested in more background info, talking points, and advocacy tips and resources? Use the ICAT Advocacy Toolkit.


    Make Your Voice Heard!

    You don’t have to be an expert- take the time to write a letter or meet with your state and local elected officials to tell them why it’s critical to invest in transit!

    Here are examples of transit advocates and staff discussing why transit matters at Transit Day at the Statehouse.

    The Growing Demand for Transit  

    People Discuss Their Ideal Public Transit System


    How Transit Will Benefit the People of Indiana