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    The Indiana Citizens’ Alliance for Transit educates on the benefits of transit and advocates for the immediate development and ongoing support of comprehensive transit options in communities across Indiana.
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    Transit Stakeholder Profiles

    Many Hoosiers and elected officials only catch a glimpse of how the bus impacts the lives of their neighbors and communities. Most don’t consider public transit to be the economic engine and community asset that it is.

    That is why we asked our transportation and community partners across the state to connect us with people whose lives are shaped by transit.

    We spoke with a variety of stakeholders from communities of all shapes and sizes – local elected officials, business owners, transit providers and employees, manufacturers and suppliers, higher education professionals, teachers, advocates, employees, and taxpayers.

    What we learned: Transit means employment, economic development, quality of life and accessibility for all.

    Whether transit affects their bottom line or gets them and their neighbors to work and school, each profile tells a compelling story as to why it’s critical to invest in the future of transit in Indiana: